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Individual Counseling

I am a proponent of treating people and not disorders. I take a nonjudgmental approach which I hope is compassionate and respectful. The emphasis is on the creation of an environment where a person feels comfortable processing and exploring the things that need to be addressed. These are key aspects of the humanistic, person-centered approach.

Walk Talk


Walk & Talk Counseling

Recent research shows that physical exercise can indeed improve mental health. Walk & Talk counseling is an increasingly common approach that takes therapy out of the office and helps to literally and figuratively get the process moving. This method can help to ease some of the pressure of being in an office setting and is especially effective in reducing depressive and anxious symptoms. Walking can also be meditative, people often say that there is just something about the movement that leaves one feeling good after walking and talking. Nearby Squaw Valley Park offers a convenient, relaxed option. Contact us for information about other location options, and how we approach confidentiality and weather..



Distance Counseling

I offer three options for distance counseling: voice, video, and live text chat. These sessions take place via a free, secure platform. Peer-reviewed research shows that distance counseling is as effective as in-person sessions. I has provided over 5,000 counseling sessions since becoming licensed as a professional counselor in Pennsylvania. Your confidentiality is of utmost importance, and we will only be utilizing HIPAA compliant communication applications. Please contact us to discuss further details.

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