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Brandon's main areas of focus are anxiety, fear, depression, and stress. These are all things that many people experience at some point in their lives. They are also typical of existential and spiritual crises. Existentialism in the context of counseling refers to finding meaning in life, especially when questions start to arise. Questions about personal values and sense of direction are common. These questions can be become especially frequent during major life transitions like starting or ending relationships, jobs, and geographical moves. 

His experience is wide-ranging and includes distance counseling, private practice, employee assistance, and drug and alcohol settings. Brandon's counseling style is humanistic, person-centered. As such, he takes a non-judgmental approach that seeks to meet people where they are and to help them articulate what they’re experiencing including solutions for problems that may need to be resolved. This point of view assumes that the therapist is not an expert on the person seeking help, but an assistant on the journey of self-discovery. Brandon has extensive experience in counseling individuals, couples, and families. 

Brandon Graf, LPC


I'm genuinely surprised by how Mr. Graf really listens and is interested. He has a magical power of winning my trust. I can share my stories with him without worrying about anything.

-Z. X. • February, 2018

I liked working with Brandon, I felt he listened to my primary concern and was insightful when it came to ways to alter my life for the better.

-C.L. • March, 2018

Brandon has been tremendously helpful to me. He listens to everything I say and helps me discern my larger feelings and patterns, which has been so important in working on my anxiety. His support is life-changing.

-C. A. • April, 2018

Brandon is fantastic at diagnosing and helping me through some tough times. I really liked his style, insight and practical to the point exercises that helped me get better. Highly recommended

-T.I. • May, 2018

Very professional, and able to suggest timely solutions.                         

-M.A. • July, 2018

Brandon is very attentive and took the time to get to the root of my challenges. He is very knowledgeable and recommended a lot of useful resources to supplement my therapy. He helped me learn how to manage my anxiety and patiently held me accountable for the work I needed to do to reach my therapy goals. Working with Brandon was a very worthwhile experience for me.

-A.S. • July, 2018

He listens without judgement, which is the best quality a therapist can have, in my opinion.

-E.R. • August, 2018

Brandon has certainly helped me figure out how I work for myself, which I needed at the moment. I definitely know where to turn in case I ever have a problem with myself again in the future.

-G.U. • September, 2018

Brandon is always on time and attentive during our sessions. He is able to provide a lot of insight into what I bring up and is also a great listener.

-K.E. • October, 2018

Really good. We’ve made lots of great progress this year

-C.H.. • December, 2018

I talked to Brandon and I got to know very much about why I feel like I've felt the past months. He explained what my thoughts depend on, and what might be the case. I'm thankful for getting the opportunity to talk to him, as he knows his stuff very well :)

-A. L. • March, 2018

Brandon has helped me to reveal some aspects of my life that I was not aware of. With this awareness I can then progress to addressing those aspects and thereby improve my life. I would like to thank Brandon for his commitment in helping me through a difficult time in my life.

-R.I. • March, 2018

Brandon is great! He’s very helpful and listens carefully.

-J.A. • April, 2018

Brandon has been very supportive and helpful in my journey. He has helped me process a trauma in very few sessions. He is warm, empathetic and interested. I am very appreciative of our work together.

-C. A. • June, 2018

Brandon and I talked through messages and nearly weekly video or telephone calls for 6+ months. I was in a dark, scary, uncomfortable, anxious and depressed place when we started. His attention advice and listening really helped get me back on my feet and stay there during these ongoing troubles. I recommend him to anyone willing to give this venue of therapy a true shot.

-J.A.. • July, 2018

Brandon always listens to me and respects my feelings and thoughts. He is very supportive and always has my best interest at hand.

-K.Y. • August, 2018

Mr. Graf really shows interest in helping and encouragement. He offered to schedule extra session when I needed it. He's very professional and targets my problems in a sophisticated manner. I'm extremely grateful for his time and help.

-L.O. • October, 2018

Brandon is great. This is one of the best therapy experiences I have had.

-D.E. • December, 2018

Brandon is exceptional. He is able to find strengths and use those to his better ability to help his client. Also, since he is familiar with the area in which I live, he has been a great resource to recommend other people who may be of a benefit. I like his candor he doesn’t claim he can do it all but points you in the direction of others who can play instrumental roles in your wellbeing.

-K.A. • January, 2019